Wireless barcode scanner

barcode scanners in India RightoSleeve


A “ONE SIZE FITS ALL”  RightoSleeve, a Wireless barcode scanner can convert any android phone into a Handheld Android Scanner in a jiffy. Flexible cost and options of high-performance Zebra scan engine or cost-effective.

Chinese engine make RightoSleeve a preferred choice to SME as well as large enterprises. 12000+ scans per charge and only 2.5 hours of chagrining time enable uninterrupted scanning operation.

Great value for money of the customers – just invest in the sleeve and implement of BYOD policy to get the fastest ROI

Specifications :

Barcode scan engine: Righto sleeve uses a CCD barcode scan engine with a maximum capacity of 300 scans/sec.

Size: Righto sleeve is a miniature device with dimensions of 85mm*55mm*17mm and can be fit on any mobile phone.

Battery: The battery used is standard mobile 850mAh capacity and lasts for 2 days of operation for one charge.

Battery Charger: Any standard mobile micro USB charger can be used to charge the battery.

Bluetooth connection: Righto sleeve sends the barcodes over Bluetooth HID/SPP such that the barcode gets inserted at the command prompt location on the Mobile device or over any Customized application on mobile. It gives a single-hand operation to the user.