Wearable Barcode Scanner

Wearable Barcode Scanners are particularly useful for workers in retail, field service, warehouses, and more, that need to quickly and safely scan barcodes while keeping both hands free to complete tasks like picking, sorting, putaway, and packing.

Workers in logistics or in retail need to perform various tasks out of which one vital task is barcode scanning, they need to be very careful while scanning the code in terms of accuracy and this might be time taking and hectic. The wearable barcode scanner comes with a lot of advantages for users where one can do multiple tasks like scanning and handling the products simultaneously. It is easy to wear and use the solution coupled with the mobile phone to process the data on the fly and complete the workflow. It gives accurate results which help avoids rescanning saving a ton of time.

This device comes with a hand glove where the scanning device can be fitted. It also has an armband for a mobile phone which is connected to the scanning device via Bluetooth. The device is equipped with such design and comfort that one can handle the product without any issue efficiently, and when required, a barcode can be scanned. The scanned data will directly be available on the mobile phone, which is connected to the scanning device. The workflow processing can be completed on mobile.

This device is not only easy to handle and efficient. The accuracy of the device is very high, and the capability of multitasking makes these devices unique. Because of multitasking and accurate scanning, it is highly time-efficient and can be used in industries like retail and logistics where the product volume is large and resources are limited.

In terms of design, the scanner comes with a Li-Ion battery with 850mAH capacity, scanning more than 12000 barcodes in a single charge. It has LEDs to show the low battery and charging indication. The scanner can be started by touching the back button, and the central LED will start glowing, indicating the start of the scanner. One of the features includes auto-disconnect if devices are idle and paired automatically with previously paired devices.

The wearable barcode scanner is one of the latest trends in barcode scanning technology. Righto has designed a unique and efficient wearable barcode scanner. The main principle and need behind creating wearable barcode scanner are to reduce the complexity that warehouse and distribution centre face in scanning the products.

Below are some of the advantages of Wearable Barcode Scanner:-

• Multitasking:- Can be handled by a single person without blocking other activities
• Highly accurate results.
• Time-efficient:- Saves much time as items can be scanned and handled simultaneously.
• These wearable Barcode scanners are readily available in our country at cheap rates.

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