The apparel companies are undergoing radical changes.

IoT is playing a vital role in improving business processes across many industrial fields. Apparel manufacturing creates a myriad of opportunities for process improvement through connected devices.
It is helping in reducing the costs and increasing profit margins apart from business development in opening up new revenue channels. And enhancing the customer buying experience along the way. 

The goal is to implement autonomous decision-making processes, monitor assets and operations in real-time, and promote equally real-time connected value creation networks through stakeholders’ early involvement and vertical and horizontal integration.

Righto IoT based RFID/QR Code Scanner is designed to increase productivity and simplify RFID/QR code scanning in the garment factories. It is an IoT device that boosts the workers’ productivity and provides real-time data of the target. It also automates the pay-out of the workers.


The scanner comes with a sturdy support system that can be clamped to employees’ workplace or sewing machine. This also adds an extra layer of protection to the scanner.

It has three essential components: –

  • Display: – It has a colour TFT display, which shows important data like date, time, WiFi signal strength, Internet connectivity, operator name, daily targets, operation name, etc
  • Touch buttons:- It has three capacitive touch buttons for login/logout, supervisor call and mechanic call in case of any emergency or issues with the machine.
  • Scanning area:- It has a sufficiently large scanning area for RFID and QR code scanning, which can be identified by markings.

Power Supply:- It requires a 5V DC supply for smooth operation. An adapter has been provided for the same which is connected to the back of the device.

Working: –

  • A user needs to log in to the devices using his/her RFID/QR code card placed on the scanning area.
  • Once the scanning is complete, it logs in to the device by fetching data from the server over WiFi.
  • After successfully login the screen area changes to blue and displays the required information to the user.
  • Once login is complete, workers can start scanning the bundle tags, and the data of the scan is displayed in real-time to help workers achieve the targets in time.
  • To log off from the device, one needs to press the left-most button and place the id card on the scanning area.

In the apparel industry, the righto device is installed on each operator tabletop for scanning RFID or Barcode attached to the apparel. When scanned, the data is sent to the server via wifi. The software acts as a middleware between Righto devices and ERP(Enterprise resource planning). It receives real-time apparel scanning data and processes it for integration with ERP.

Below are some of the benefits of using Righto device in the Apparel Manufacturing industry: –

  •       Boost Productivity

Real-time WIP data provides pointers to areas of improvements resulting in a 25% productivity boost

  •       Improves Performance

Workers see the results of their hard work in real-time and get paid accordingly, resulting in moral and performance improvement.

  •       Zero Defects

Complete visibility and back word tracing ensure zero defect products to customer

With the assistance of Righto, a room has become the foremost advanced department at an apparel manufacturing enterprise which significantly reduces the workload and increases work productivity.


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