Pocket barcode scanner

Pocket barcode scanner in India

Pocket barcode scanner in India, Righto is a pocket-size 1D/2D scanner with dimensions of just 135mm * 73mm * 18mm weighing less than 200gms!!!!

It can scan up to 300 Scans/sec and uses the latest CCD engine. The battery is a standard 1500 mAH which can be charged with a micro USB charger, we use a 32 bit 100 MHZ processor with our proprietary operating system with Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity. 

Just ask us for customized software solutions for devices and PC to get you up and running.

Barcode scan engine: CCD barcode 1D / 2D scan engine with a maximum scan rate of 300 scans/sec.

Size: Pocket size device with dimensions of 135 mm * 73 mm * 18 mm with less than 200 gm weight

Battery: The battery used is standard mobile 1500 mAh capacity and lasts for 1 day of operation in one charge. Standard micro USB battery charger portProcessor: 32 bit, 100 MHz processor with the proprietary operating system.

WiFi/Bluetooth connection: TCP over WiFi or HID over Bluetooth long-range connectivity.

Software Development: Fast and reliable customized software development on device and PC for mobility solutions.

300 scans/sec

135 mm * 73 mm * 18 mm

200 gm

1500 mAh Battery

100 MHz processor

WiFi/Bluetooth connection

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