Internet of Things in the Apparel industry


Righto IoT based RFID/QR Code Scanner is designed to increase productivity and simplify RFID/QR code scanning in the garment factories. It is an IoT device that boosts the workers’ productivity and provides real-time data of the target. It also automates the pay-out of the workers.


The scanner comes with a sturdy support system that can be clamped to employees’ workplace or sewing machine. This also adds an extra layer of protection to the scanner.

It has three essential components: –

  • Display: – It has a colour TFT display, which shows important data like date, time, WiFi signal strength, Internet connectivity, operator name, daily targets, operation name, etc
  • Touch buttons:- It has three capacitive touch buttons for login/logout, supervisor call and mechanic call in case of any emergency or issues with the machine.
  • Scanning area:- It has a sufficiently large scanning area for RFID and QR code scanning, which can be identified by markings.

Power Supply:- It requires a 5V DC supply for smooth operation. An adapter has been provided for the same which is connected to the back of the device.

Working: –

  • A user needs to log in to the devices using his/her RFID/QR code card placed on the scanning area.
  • Once the scanning is complete, it logs in to the device by fetching data from the server over WiFi.
  • After successfully login the screen area changes to blue and displays the required information to the user.
  • Once login is complete, workers can start scanning the bundle tags, and the data of the scan is displayed in real-time to help workers achieve the targets in time.
  • To log off from the device, one needs to press the left-most button and place the id card on the scanning area.