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Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) has a broad spectrum used to gather information from an individual, object, image, sound without a manual data entry.

Managing inventory, delivery, assets, security is done with the help of AIDC. Distribution, manufacturing, retail, medicine, transportation sectors, including some other sectors, use this AIDC system and its application for identification and validation at the source, tracking and inferences to other systems.

AIDC products in India

AIDC system is based on the following technologies:

Barcodes: They are composed of a small image of lines, ID cards, bars and spaces attached to retail store items, a postal product that identifies a particular product number, person or location. A laser beam sensitive to reflections from the lines and space thickness of variation is used in barcodes. The reading appliances translate information to digital data for storage into the computer or other storage device.

QR code: A QR code (Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (2D Barcode) that store information not only horizontally but vertically as well. This construction enables 2D codes to store up to 7,089 characters while traditional dimensional barcode has a capacity of mere twenty characters, making 2D barcodes more secure and reliable.

RFID: A radiofrequency identification system is a system that consists of three components: an antenna, a trans receiver and a transponder(tag). A transponder is activated when an antenna transmits a signal, sending data back to the antenna to notify a programmable logic controller (PLC) to have some specific action. As RFID doesn’t require direct contact or line of sight scanning, RIFD tags replace barcodes in many applications.

There are few more technologies such as Magnetic stripes, Smart cards, Bluetooth beacons, GSM, etc., and various biometric like fingerprint, retina, face recognition that is used in the AIDC system.

AIDC with IoT: –

There are plenty of devices within the household and industries that are now connected online, all collecting data through the Internet of Things(IoT).
The arrival of computer chips and their ability to connect to wireless networks has made them a part of the IoT. Connecting up all different physical devices and adding sensors to them makes them intelligent, enabling them to speak real-time data without intervention. The IoT is making everyone smarter and more responsive, combining digital and physical universes.

AIDC with IoT has changed the entire scenario of knowledge collection. IoT has AIDC outside four walls where we would like to scan, within the yard, forest, on the highways provided it hook up with the network device. Anyone can directly send the info collected by AIDC to the web/cloud with the enablement of IoT in AIDC products making data quickly available for processing.

The importance of product tracking has increased tremendously. Thanks to market competence and an intention to stay parallel with growing Industrial needs. To make the worldwide objective easy. Righto uses the Automated Identification & Data Capturing (AIDC) and IoT technology within Retail, Healthcare, Logistics and Manufacturing, which provides the enterprise with an easy way that their workforce could pick, process, and track the items/products accurately.

Righto products are also helping the organization to achieve Industry 4.0 by providing work in progress, tracking and tracing.


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